Technical facilities

The company JW Steel Construction provides manufacturing activities in two locations in Szczecin.
First location at the street Nehringa 75 covers an area of 50 thousand m² in distance of 2,5 km from the quay in Szczecin. The company has an infrastructure and a lot of machinery and equipment with global standard that allows us preserve high quality of performance the work.

JW Steel Construction is in possession of:
•    Two production halls with an area of 3200 m² and 3000 m² with:
-    Overhead cranes: 10T, 8T and 5T
-    Installations of utilities
-    Installations for abrasive blasting
-    Plasma-gas cutting machine for plates and tubes
-    Folding machines, sheet metal working machines, jig saws
-    Automatic and semi-automatic welding machines
-    Manipulators, welding positioners
-    CNC drilling machine, screwing machines

•    Horizontal and vertical transport:
-    Valmet 40T
-    All-terrain crane 50T
-    Rail crane 20m/9T
-    Forklift truck 9T, 5T and 2,5T
-    Trailers 40T and 20T

Second location at the street Ludowa 16 covers an area of 24.500 m² with the quay length 150 m,  deep 6,3 m and lift capacity 5 T / m². It is equipped in one rail crane 10 T, two rail cranes 10 T, production hall with area 200 m² and overhead crane 2 T, workshop with area 500 m², and electric hoists: 5 T and two for 3 T.